Instructions for Poster Presentations

Location: Poster Sessions will take place in the Hillsboro room, and in the Prefunction space (hallway) between the Hillsboro room and the Vista Ballroom. Each poster will be assigned a number that will be listed in the final program and will be displayed on a poster list available at the meeting.

Size and Mounting: The poster boards for mounting the posters will be 8 feet wide (~240cm) by 4 feet high (~120cm). Posters can be mounted using push pins which will be supplied at the meeting

Put up / Take down: Plenary session, or during lunch. Please remove your poster at the completion of the poster session (5:30pm)

Questions: prior to the meeting should be addressed to the TOFE Technical Program Chair: Arnie Lumsdaine,

Final manuscript submission instructions and templates are avaialbe at the ANS website:
Information for TOFE-2012 Authors".

Papers will be submitted electronically via the
Fusion Science and Technology (FS&T) website. No hard copy papers will be accepted.

The TOFE-2012 FS&T submission site will remain open until September 15, 2012.

Instructions for Oral Presentations

Preparation: Presentations should be loaded onto the server (in the Midtown Room across from the Vista Ballroom) at least two hours before the beginning of the session. Speakers will not connect their personal computers to the session room projectors. Presentations may be uploaded using CD, DVD, USB, or by e-mailing the Technical Program Chair ( PowerPoint (.ppt) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) formats will be accepted.

Plenary Speakers: Plenary talks have 30 minutes total (25 minutes for talk, 5 minutes for Q&A).

Invited Speakers: Invited talks have 25 minutes total (20 minutes for talk, 5 minutes for Q&A).

Oral Presentations: All other oral presentations have 15 minutes total (12 minutes for talk, 3 minutes for Q&A).